Fly Where the Project Takes You…

Hi, I’m a Dietitian by profession and a “whimsical” hobbyist by nature who enjoys creating memorable gifts for my family and friends. I started this blog at the encouragement of several of my friends and family  in-between my job-hunting duties and household chores.  I love to be busy and often-times create recipes, design sewing/crochet gifts, and review articles and food trends for fun.

Inspiration strikes me at various times, and when it hits I like to sit back, pick a medium and let my project run.  Many times they veer in a direction I never thought it would go.

My motivation behind this new blog is to have a place I can post my various crafts and hobbies for others to enjoy or recreate as well as blogging about my newer ventures.  I will post some patterns free or for sale through as I finish them, so feel free to browse through my works.  I want to foster a blog filled with my adventures in designing, cooking, crafting, and more.

Feel free to comment or ask questions about my projects or blogs and I will try to respond in a timely manner.

Thanks all!


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