image And Then There Were Two…


Pattern by: WhimsicalWyvern
Let me see! Let me see!


This is the first crochet pattern I have ever made (I was in college at the time). There were two children who were friends of mine and whenever I camped at their pond I would draw them dragon pictures with campfire charcoal. This happened over many years and from talking with their Mom I learned that every single one is still carefully pinned to their walls.

Pattern By: WhimsicalWyvern
Feed me, human!

As I grew older and started spending less and less time camping at their house I thought about sending them a dragon-themed gift. So, I scoured the internet, found the crocodile stitch, decided on pillows pets, sketched the shape, and got to work. All in all, planning took a month, making one of these pillows took another three months, and compiling the actual PDF took years (blame my scribbles).

Pattern By: WhimsicalWyvern
Aren’t I cute?


I made the dragons during my fall semester, sitting at the front desk of my dormitory while (I was a desk assistant to my RA’s). Looking back I probably looked bonkers with preliminary sketches, notes, and pieces of yarn strewn about during my shifts. But the amazing RA’s of my building didn’t laugh, they “oooed” and “ahhhh” and made me promise over and over to let them see the finished product. They really helped me finish this work when the frustration of counting stitches was unbearable. Thank you!!

Pattern by: WhimsicalWyvern
Smile for the camera!


Once I finished the first dragon’s back-scales (which took the majority of the first two months) I was posed the question “What do I do after I’ve finished?” Many of the RA’s urged me to write it all down and save it, so I had a myriad of notes, tallies, weird drawings, and coded pictures, but what would I do with the notes? After careful consideration and some encouragement from friends and family I compiled the pieces into a pattern. Little did I know the work it would take to make it legible, lol. So, over three years later, I finished. Thank you, everyone,for your support to get this done. Hope you all like it!!

Ready to make your own scaly companion?


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