gallery Deck the tarts with fruits and berries

This week has been really busy as I rush to finish a few DIY gifts for an early party this weekend. So, I decided to build off of my tart recipe by adding the pudding recipe and a gallery of tarts I have made over the last year.  Sorry it is not very in-depth, but I hope you all enjoy the recipe and pictures!

Tart Pastry Pudding

1 1/4c milk                                2 Tbsp flour
3 egg yolks                               2 Tbsp cornstarch
1/4c sugar                                 1tsp vanilla extract
1/2 Tbsp fruit liqueur
(any flavor will do but I prefer hibiscus liqueur)

  1. In a medium-size pot mix sugar and egg yolks.
  2. Sift flour and cornstarch together and slowly mix into egg-sugar mixture until smooth.
  3. Meanwhile, heat milk on low in small pot until it just starts to froth.
  4. Slowly add heated milk to pudding mixture, whisking to prevent clumps
  5. Bring to mixture to a boil over medium heat, whisking constantly.
  6. Boil for 30-60seconds, then immedietely remove from heat.
    • The mixture should¬†be as thick as pudding.
  7. Stir in liqueur and vanilla.
  8. Scoop into bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and chill in refrigerator until cool (approx. 1-3 hours).
    • Can store in refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  9. When cool spread pudding over baked tart crust and decorate with various fruits.

Tart Gallery

For this tart I first layered the baked tart with tart pudding, sliced and layered raw fuji apples into rings, and embellished with fresh kiwi medallions/quarters for color. My husband loved the crisp apples paired with the tart kiwi.

2014-11-22 16.05.26
Fuji Apple and Kiwi Tart (with pudding)

This next creation is a simple compote using strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I layered the finished tart crust and baked at 350 degrees F for an additional 5 minutes. Last I embellished with halved, fresh strawberries. This was a wonderful recipe for a simple, twice-baked tart.

2015-01-11 12.24.38
Berry Compote Tart

This buttery-sweet tart was made using sliced Bosnian pears layered them in circles, topped with a brownsugar-butter mixture, and baked an additional 10 minutes. The sweet pears paired perfectly with a bit of zesty balsamic-strawberry compote.

2015-01-27 15.47.28
Baked Pear Tart with Balsamic-Strawberry Compote

Simplest of all, this tart is layered with cherry piefilling and ringed with blackberries for a quick, festive treat that’s sure to please.

2015-02-05 18.10.32
Cherry-filling Tart ringed with Blackberries

A classic “Italian Bakery”-style fruit tart layered with smooth pudding, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, and black cherries. This tart is dressed to impress while keeping ingredients simple and healthful.

2015-05-09 13.35.00
Traditional Fruit Tart (with Pudding)

Layered with tart pudding, raspberries, and strawberries this lovely creation sadly succumbed to the apricot glaze and turned into tart mush. Remember folks, any topping, glaze, or prior washing of berries will result in a dessert catastrophe. It looked beautiful for the camera, though.

2015-07-25 17.44.28
Red Raspberry and Strawberry Tart (with pudding and glaze)

This aptly named creation was a culmination of a boring day and a visit to the local farmer’s market. The pudding base is ringed with Emerald plums, orange raspberries, strawberries, and yellow peaches with a small cluster of kiwis and blueberries in the center toped with red raspberries, a strawberry half, and a thin layer of apricot glaze. With proper timing and a thinner glaze layer this beauty could be¬†enjoyed without melting away.

2015-09-04 17.43.47
Farmer’s Fall Tart (with Pudding)


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