Making some Mochi

Usually I get mochi as a treat once a year from an anime/manga convention but in California I lived near enough to Little Tokyo in LA to get some every once in a while. As I searched through some blogs I stumbled upon a really easy recipe for Mochi and Anko, or red bean, paste and I had to try it out!

The ingredients were really simple, but I had trouble finding sweet rice flour. It took several stops, but eventually I got some at Big Y (Walmart has some online only). Turns out I should have cooked the red beans longer as some of the beans were still a bit hard. Oh well, next time! The Mochi dough turned out great. The dough was reminiscent of really soft silly putty so it was fun to work with.

I also made some Oyakodon (egg and chicken in seasoned broth over rice) for dinner which turned out delicious! This recipe is definitely being added to my repertoire of recipes.

I was hoping to take a bunch of pictures, but the cooking process was really quick on a gas stove and my hands ended up covered in corn starch while I worked with the dough, so I only have a few.

2015-12-15 12.01.38
Boiling the red beans…
2015-12-15 12.32.23
Melting down the sugar into the finished Anko paste.
2015-12-17 17.05.25
Here’s a finished mochi. Not much to look at, but it’s delicious!
2015-12-15 19.35.57
Oyakodon! A wonderful, light, savory dish over rice.

This is a terribly short post this week, but this Saturday is Cookie Day so I hope to have one with lots of pictures next week.



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