gallery Fun Fuzzy Ear…socks?

Some people are hard to shop for. There is always one or more people in any family who is replies to inquiries with “I’ll be happy with anything.” To be honest, I admire that. To be content with any gift is a beautiful thing! To me it speaks of a humble happiness that is sometimes missing in our consumerist society. But…it doesn’t help people shop for gifts. *sigh*

My step-mom is one such individual, and it took me weeks of wracking my brain before I finally asked my Dad what in the world to get her for Christmas. My Dad’s reply? “Some nice gloves and earmuffs.”

Whelp, with a place to start I headed to the store to buy her gift (shiver). I found a cute pair of warm gloves easily, but the earmuffs? (silent scream of terror) Terrible! There had to be a way for me to make one…and quickly.  Then I came upon a lovely pair of fuzzy socks

2015-12-31 12.25.52
They look so…warm…

No…Socks? As earmuffs? That sounds so…warm….Let’s do this!

I decided to sew the socks matched up to allow the heels to act as ear-covers. One quick straight stitch on my sewing machine along the aligned sock tops made the back of my pattern.

Next I wrapped the band around my head firmly enough to stay on my head but not so tight as to stop all of the natural sock stretching. I overlapped the toes and straight stitched to anchor the front. A couple of additional stitches held the toe down to prevent a “rooster crown”. Now to add some accents…

I used a needle and heavy-duty thread to sew a few buttons from my stash to the muffs. And voila!

A cute, fuzzy pair of earmuffs! It turned out well, if I do say so myself! And the present was more personal than snagging a total earmuff/glove package from the store. Maybe next time I’ll take stab at sock-mittens or sock-gloves?

What are fast DIY projects that you have done before?
Let me know in the comments below!



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