gallery A Lemony Replacement

For this next blog in Blogging University, they recommended incorporating something new as we think of our target audience. I decided to try out a full picture-recipe type of blog with a blurb of information. Let me know how you feel about this format.


So, once upon a time I made Greek Lemon soup for my Dad and Step-mom. Then I lost the recipe in the wide reaches of the internet…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has lost a recipe they had used before. It can be annoying, but try to make it a creative experience! Instead of searching for that exact recipe try an alternative: one with fewer ingredients or a version from your favorite blog. The recipe I re-“found” was simpler, a thin texture (vs. a yogurt-texture), and tasted more lemony. The recipe is from a current favorite blog, Serious Eats. If you want a written version please visit them.

All in all, I like this recipe better. The only think I would change would be less lemon juice. I ended up with three huge lemons and the soup became really tart. One less lemon should do it for me.

What recipes have you all lost before? Did the replacements pan out how you liked?

 Greek Lemon Soup



  1. Totally want to try this! And the pics were good. Some of them didn’t seem to match the ingredients, though … like the rice. I might have missed it. And I have to ask if you whisked the egg whites by hand? You are amazing.


      • Well, you win extra points for being a whisking rockstar. Way to go for trying out the pictures. Keep up the good work! (And for the record, thanks for the elbow pivot tip. I’ll have to try that … But maybe when winter breaks so I can do it outside. I am already imagining egg whites dripping from interesting places in my kitchen …)

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