gallery 7 Deadly Embroideries

I found a needlework book in a thrift shop I tend to visit. I fell in love with the variety of types of needlework it contained. There was embroidery, crochet, knitting, applique, macrame, and so much more. What caught my eye right away was the large variety of embroidery stitches.2016-01-09 14.38.00.jpg

I started a framed motif lightly based on the seven deadly sins. Each of the sins will be based on a hybrid animal and embroidered with a color individual to their characteristics. I started with a square of black cloth. I couldn’t imagine a light colored background for this darker-themed motif. The center would be a depiction of Satan and the seven anthropomorphism sins would circle the center. I used tailor’s wax  and a tape measure to lightly sketch the positions.2015-12-31 13.51.23

As it turns out, it took two days, three different trips to Hobby Lobby, and trying four different ways of transferring a pattern before I was satisfied with the result. Iron-on pattern techniques were useless for me on the dark black cloth, and I couldn’t find white trace-it paper without ordering it online. I finally used a white colored Gellyroll pen from Hobby Lobby, taped my printed pattern to my glass-topped coffee table, and clipped a “bendy-light” (no clue what they actually are called) under the table so it pointed up. Then I traced the image onto the black cloth.

The center is a  depiction of Satan as “Tempter,” a ten-headed serpent, as a nod to one of Satan’s descriptions in Revelation. The first deadly sin is my personal anthropomorphic depiction of Wrath.

2015-12-31 14.22.46

Each head will be a different color and series of stitches to represent that the Tempter uses all the temptations of the seven deadly sins. This is what I have so far.

I chose a horned cat/lion hybrid to represent wrath. The color will be a dark red/maroon color to draw the image of blood to mind. I chose wrath to be feline due to the image of leisurely, violent power that is the stereotype of lions/tigers/leopards in literature. The horns are added because I wanted a nod to traditional depictions of demons with the added image of a creature that is not natural in this world.

2015-12-31 14.22.51

I will post more photos and depictions as I work on them. What do you all think?


  1. Very cool concept! Definitely outside the realm of what I normally think about when I hear the word “embroidery” (you know, flowers and bunnies, pictures of those IMO awful little cherubic children). This is awesome!


  2. I have that exact same book!!! Never thought to do embroidery like that though. I looked more at the crochet and the tatting. Love the creativity with seven deadly embroideries. Clever girl!!!


  3. That’s such a clever idea! I love your depiction of the wrath and the colours of your satan are looking great on the dark background. Can’t wait to see more of it!


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