Update: 7 Deadly Embroideries

Hey all! I spent most of this past week working on my embroidery project. I finished the Tempter (my version of Satan), and I’m almost finished with the sin of Wrath.2016-01-19 09.36.46

I tried not to be too picky with my stitches since it would drive me crazy picking them out every few minutes (this is my second embroidery project). So it’s not perfect in every stitch, but I love it!

2016-01-19 09.36.572016-01-19 09.37.52

My next depictions I drew are for Gluttony, Lust, and Sloth! Gluttony will be a bear/wolverine hybrid with ram horns (again as a nod to traditional demon depictions). The bear works well for the insatiable hunger of gluttony and the markings of a wolverine add to the image. The color of gluttony is orange because, frankly, I ran out of colors and orange was the only one left. Ha ha ha.2016-01-19 18.43.48

Lust is a bit non-traditional to me. Lust is a mixture of a starving dog and a siren. I chose the starving dog as a play on the obsessive, possessive nature of lust that can neglect the needs of the body. The siren image is an allusion to the mythical beast that lured sailors to their deaths. The motif will be rose-colored outline to draw to mind the traditional definition of lust.2016-01-19 18.43.37


Sloth is a feathered serpent (no I wasn’t thinking of Quetzalcoatl). The serpent represents the suffocating effect that lack of activity and depression can have (think python squeezing its prey) and the feathered accenting added an other-worldly dimension that seemed to fit. Sloth is blue, the color of depression. (I’m blue da-ba-dee da-ba-dai).2016-01-19 18.43.55

What do you all think? What animals come to mind for Gluttony,  Lust, and Sloth?


    • Thanks! It takes a lot of patience for me to sit and do this stuff. There were several days that I had to walk away from the project because I couldn’t figure out a stitch and wanted to chuck it across the room ha ha ha.


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