aside “Snow” Me a Picture

My husband and I beat “Jonas” to visit his family in NJ this past weekend. We made it just in time to be pounded with 18-20 inches of snow in a day. 12540738_10208542282297671_4504763685850039919_n

We hung out in the living room to chat and work on projects. I showed my 7 deadly embroidery project to them and finished embroidering Sloth.2016-01-25 13.27.33

After a while my sister-in-law, Mel, grabbed her sketchbook and started drawing a photo from a picture. It turned out gorgeous, although the photo made it a little funky.2016-01-25 13.47.33

She basically started the fire and Tom and I grabbed our sketchbooks to join her. Tom didn’t want photos so I only have a blurry picture from my mother-in-law, Maureen.

2016-01-25 13.47.27
Surprise flash photo! Starting at the bottom left and travelling clockwise: My husband Jim, Tom, Me, and finally Mel.

Overall, it was a pleasant, artistic day with family. Here’s what I drew!

So, how did everyone else fair during the winter storm, Jonas?



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