What a Busy Week!!

I had quite a week this past week so I didn’t get as much done on my WIP’s as I had planned. I was hired by the University of Conn. as an Assistant-Volunteer Track Coach!! Go Huskies! It’s a step in the direction I want to move in and I am able to be around Olympic level athletes and coaches on a regular basis to learn. I’m so excited!!!

So, since I was hired this past Tuesday, I started Wednesday at practice then traveled to NYC to assist the team at the Armory meet! Our team had a solid performance, some PR’s, and took 1st and 3rd in the mile. I also had the privilege to see Drew Hunter, a high school boy, break the 4-minute mile!!!! It was an amazing race and the roar of the crowd was deafening when he crossed the finish line.

I also got the chance to see the top 2 women vaulters in the nation battle it out at the meet. The winning jump by Duke’s Megan Clark was 15’1″ and U of Miami’s Alysha Newman took second at 14’9″!!!!!! It was a wonderful time and its really nice to have something that gets me out among other people.

On the crafting end, I finished Gluttony! I;m pretty proud of the way it turned out. I really love the twisted chain stitch. I think it gives a multi-colored effect to the thread even though its just one color.2016-02-08 10.51.11

I also finished and transferred Envy, Pride, and Greed. These three will be pretty original in design so bear with me as I talk about them.

Envy is a hybrid of a nag (a starving, grotesque horse) and a sugar glider. I wanted something odd and semi-grotesque in its proportions to emphasis that Envy does not have what it truly wants, thus yearns after the possessions of others. I originally started with the nag and added the sugar glider later as it seemed to add the odd image I wanted for this sin. Envy will be green to play off the saying ‘Green with Envy.”2016-02-08 12.15.53

Pride was really difficult for me and in the end I had to illicit the help of my brother-in-law and mother-in-law to help with the design. I chose a peacock as the base and they both offered a baboon as the second, due to the baboons tendency to pridefully show off their red butts to attract females during mating season, ha ha ha. I didn’t use the butt, but I did add the baboon’s distinctive head. Pride will be purple as a nod to the color of royalty, and their stereotypical prideful actions.2016-02-08 13.45.50

Finally, Greed is a mixture of a bull with a hyena. I plan to add spots and tusks that are not drawn here, as it would be too difficult to align the threads properly with the idea I have. The bull gives an image of a Greed that will bowl over anything in its way to get what it wants. The hyena is a nod to the clever, devious side of this behavior as hyenas trick and bully other animals in the wild to steal their kills for food. Greed is gold/yellow as a nod to the monetary derivative of Greed.2016-02-08 12.15.47

As I always ask, what are your ideas for Envy, Pride, and Greed? What animals come to mind for you? What colors?

I have another meet in Boston this Friday, but after that I should have the weekend to hopefully work ahead on some posts. Wish me luck!



  1. Yay this is so so exciting! Congrats on the job! As always I love your designs for the sins, they look amazing. I think for pride the colours coming to my mind are blue and purple. Other animals I would think of for greed are ants and squirrels, because of their tendency to “hoard” food 🙂


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