Some Classic Madeleines

I really love this recipe. I was always intimidated by the Madeleine (not sure why). I think the fact that I needed a special pan seemed to make this simple recipe all the more daunting.

Then one day, wandering the aisles of Home Goods I found a quality, inexpensive Madeleine sheet for about $8. I took the opportunity and snapped it up. That day I attempted the recipe and had to laugh. The recipe is simple if you take your time and make sure not to over-beat the batter or over-fill the pan.

This recipe makes 36 of the lovely little cookie-cakes and will require 1 hour of chilling the batter before baking.

Classic Madeleine



  1. Your Madeleines look great! This is an interesting recipe, I’ve never chilled my batter before. I normally mix it in a mixer on medium speed, and pour straight into the moulds ^^ if you want a stronger lemony taste, you can try to add some lemon or orange zest instead of lemon juice 🙂


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