Inching Along…

2016-02-13 18.36.21Hi all, I feel like I dropped to a snails pace for my projects. 😦 I can’t complain too much because I wanted/like to keep busy but I do miss lazy day where I can focus on one project and go at it instead of breaking up the day with chores. Ah, the life of a responsible, married adult.

I caught my kitties cuddling during the coldest day of the week. Aren’t they cute? (Even if my picture is really grainy.)

As an update, I started a scarf for my husband (he was complaining of the cold and asked for one and I really like the color of the yarn); 2016-02-18 11.32.49

took a visit to JoAnn’s for Valentine’s Day and found some sweet deals on yarn, cloth scraps, and a standing magnifying glass for embroidering (I can’t wait to use the multi textured yarn!), I also found an awesome magazine with amazing recipes and pictures! (I’m totally into tea parties);

drew a sketch at the Boston Invitational during a break between races (our team mascot is the huskies so I though a husky with winged Hermes feet would be appropriate, ha ha ha),

and saw some adorable chameleons, bearded dragons, and anoles in the pet store!

It was a slow week but a fun one! Since there is no meet this weekend in preperation for Conference I am hoping to move along in my embroidery project. How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?



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