Surprisingly Delicious Dessert – Coffee Jello

I am an avid anime/manga fan and lately I have been noticing an increase of characters eating “coffee jelly.” I was a bit surprised at first at the combination of such a bitter drink being fashioned into a gelatin dessert, but my curiosity overcame me and I had to try it! I used the recipe from Japanese Cooking 101 and made it for a tea party with my friend.

The gelatin without the topping tasted just how it sounds, sweetened coffee jello, but when you add the sweetened cream it was fantastic! The texture was pleasant and the bittersweet jello was refreshing compared to the typical strawberry or orange flavors. I really enjoyed it and totally plan to make it again for my husband!! My friend, however, was intrigued but not overly impressed with the coffee-gelatin combo.

I totally recommend you try it for yourself! The ingredients are common items and the recipe is simple and easy to follow.  Let me know your impressions of this interesting dessert!

(Sorry for no final picture, I was in a rush and totally forgot to snap one before we ate it up.)



  1. That sounds so interesting! I’m a big fan of Japanese food, although I find not many people I know like it. I love anything with Matcha tea inside, my favourites are green tea chocolate biscuits 🙂 yum!


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