aside Sick Days…

Don’t know how it happened, but I ended up running myself into a chest cold. It wouldn’t be too bad, except I had to cancel my trip with the UCONN women’s track team to Orlando, Florida and couldn’t see my mom, grandma, and sister.


Oh well, I can catch up on my crafting once I finish recovering. I worked a little bit on my husband’s scarf, and embroidered the “n” and “v” in my envy embroidery design, but besides that I have been knocked out in bed. (Sorry no pictures today…)

I’m a baby when it comes to being sick, so my wonderful husband decided to work from home and nurse me since Sunday, dealing with “I’m not hungry”, “can you get me ice-cream?”, “bake me cookies?”. Ha ha…yeah I don’t remember some of the stuff I wanted, only that I thought in my half-asleep fever it was important. He gallantly got me ice-cream, denied baking cookies at midnight, and coaxed me to eat soup. He’s the best! Misty crawled in with me, too (she is so happy I’m staying in one place instead of doing adult things).

Anyway, I will post more WIP updates next week when I hope to be back to 100%!!



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