A Mindful Monday

Ah, a moment of pause in my personal storm of a busy life. I really miss blogging regularly. Never thought I would, to be honest, but taking a few moments to write down my weekly accomplishments makes me feel content with the week and less likely to feel I haven’t done enough.

That said, I will be honest and say that not publishing blogs weekly has been stressful on me to the point I feel neglectful of this portion of my time (especially having determined a yearly goal). But alas, goals are just that, GOALS, not minimum requirements (which I all to easily mix up).

So now, as the track season at UCONN winds down into its final weeks I plan to re-initiate my blog on a weekly basis. First with just one blog a week then moving up in the world to my goal of two weekly.

On that note, in the height of spring fever I decided to plant myself some berry bushes. I am a huge fruit fiend and can pretty much eat my weight in fruit weekly. While walking the aisles of Aldi’s there were some lilac, black raspberry, and blueberry bushes for cheap as well as all the basics to start a potted garden. To the chagrin of my husband and with the prompting enablement of my friend I potted me some bushes!!!

Unfortunately, I lost my lilac to a tragic kitty accident (she dragged the seedling out of the pot and paraded it around the house before leaving it under my coffee table for me  to find the next morning) and thus met its demise. 

My black raspberry took a huge liking to the situation and is flourishing beautifully. The blueberry, not so much but it’s still mozying along. These are old pictures, as I am not home to take new ones. But I will post recent photos in a later post.

I also planted some herbs!

My chives ended up knocked over from another kitty accident and I had to start over with the green onions, but my cilantro and basil are growing beautifully!! Again these are old shot and I wills how recent photos at another time.

In the spirit of spring, what have you all planted or want to plant for yourself this year?


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