Crazy-Cool Cat Tree

So update!! Track season is officially finished and I find that I now have some free time to get back to blogging. Woo-hoo!2016-05-16 13.43.24


So what better to break myself into the crafting groove then to follow through on that cat tree I had planned out back in the beginning of February? I took over the living room, peppering it with pieces or wood carpet and tools for three days while I constructed the behemoth I call a “whimsical” project. I do have to say, it turned out really well, though one the first comments I get from my Best Friend is “the top’s crooked” ha ha ha.

I do have to give a huge shout out to my Mother for making her own cat tree project back when I was in school and for teaching me a million and a half ways to fix flub-ups without scrapping the project (carpet saves rope, staple guns secure everything, last minute trips to the store to grab unexpected supplies are a must, etc…). She also gave me the brilliant idea to make a rope bridge at the top instead of a second hammock.

I also want to send love to my Grandma for allowing me to keep some of my Bobop’s tools when he passed several years ago. The tools mean a lot to me, and the project brought back fond memories of crafting a variety of wooden things in his tool shed as he showing me how to use power tools.

Lastly, I wanna thank my husband for green-lighting my endeavor (though there was a heart-squeezing moment for the both of us when we realized the cost was not turning out how we planned), graciously working out around the chaos that was inevitable with this tree, and then lending me a hand putting the whole thing together (It was too big, too heavy, and too uneven to accomplish alone, ha ha ha).

2016-06-10 18.12.09

This tree was a blast to make and it was very satisfying to see both our cats using it happily the next day.

2016-06-11 18.36.04

Overall the original estimated cost of the tree was ~$66 without counting tools, and planned on a range up to $150. After saving the receipts and counting the cost the whole process was ~$185 without tools (I had to replace my drill [~$37] and get decided to purchase a jigsaw [~$25]). Most of the additional cost came from underestimating the amount of carpet and rope needed to cover the thing to make it kitty-safe (~$100 total). The other additional cost (~$20) came from wood pricing. The price of wood was a bit higher than in February and the ply wood I researched was too thin to use as a base so I had to use a more expensive, thicker product.

Overall, a purchased cat tree the size and dimensions I created was roughly ranging from $200-$400 in stores (~$150-300 wholesale) so I still got a bit more bang for my buck. I also had a blast designing the thing and putting it together.

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I’m setting up a rotating gallery of pictures of the process I took in order. It would take too much time and too much room in a blog post to go step by step, but if you’re interested in more details to try making a tree yourself feel free to contact me!

Hope everyone’s summer is off to a wonderful start!


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