Tantalizing Tea-Time

What better way to lighten up a busy summer or even a busy day than to take some time for a nice cup of tea with a friend. Several times over the summer I invited my friend over for some homemade treats. It was a great way to catch up from missing each other in a busy schedule. 

One of the teas we tried was Peach Momotaro from Teavana. It’s a “blooming” tea that smelled like peach rings and had a refreshing light peach taste.

For that tea-time I made Honey-Almond Cake from a recipe book I had acquired a while back. The cake was light, sweet and moist compared to other cakes I’ve made. The instructions were also odd as well. I warmed and mixed the honey, butter, and lemon juice then add the eggs, then the flour.

Our second event was a Raspberry Balsamico tea from Teavana with angel food cake and homemade strawberry topping (strawberries and sugar). 

I kind of went on a bit of a sweets kick and also made a cherry pie (we pitted the cherries  ourselves!).

 I really liked the recipe as it didn’t overwhelm the cherries with sweet syrup, but it turned out a little blonde and runny. Next time I’ll use more corn starch and bake it a bit longer.

What’s everyone’s favorite baked good? Are you a cake, pie, or cookie person?


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