Masquerade Madness Pt. 1 —  Mask-1, Designer-0.5…ish

I was invited to a formal masquerade ball at the end of September! After talking with my husband, mom, and friend I decided to make our masks and accessories for the event. Our personal theme was dragons but I didn’t like the masks I found on google or Pinterest. They were too cartoony or too masculine for a formal event so with this mask as an inspiration:

And after sketching up some designs:

My mask would be the top right design in the picture of 4 sketches and after a lot of finagling my husband decided on the lone mask sketch above. After some tedious face-tracing I cut out some paper stencils, called my friend over, went shopping and got to work.

img_4299I used thick leather and molded it bysoaking the pieces in water and blow drying them. The leather was a pain to dry cause it was so thick but held up well. We painted the pieces with acrylic paint and them hodgepodge to seal the color.

Finally assembling the whole contraption with hot glue, cut sequins to give and illusion of scales, and feathers and gems. I was pleased with my work, but was worried that the mask was too bulky and cartoony for a formal with a ball gown. So after some persuasion from my husband I tried the whole ensemble on.

I liked the size and shape, but not the bright blue pieces or the thickness of the leather. The thickness and bright colors reminded me more of a Mardi Gras than an elegant masquerade ball. After sleeping on it I decided to scrap the mask and start afresh with thinner leather. *sigh*

Round two will have the same size and shape (I had a bout of foresight to keep the paper stencils \(>o<)/ *woo*), but the whole construction will be thinner leather, and the bright blue pieces will be colored navy and traced in gold and silver designs to make it look more elegant. All in all, one mask took a day of construction (which included buying the materials, preparing the pieces for both masks, and only assembling one, so round 2 will probably be quicker).

Too bad I had cut out my husbands mask pieces as well as shaped them and painted them all. *sigh* I won’t bother putting it together now, but I did check the size of the base mask on him. It fit the way I wanted but was just a bit too thick to wrap around his face easily. The thinner leather will remedy that.

In another post I will talk about the shawl I’m making (I’m always cold so it seemed like a good idea, ha ha ha). A preview of the unfinished work in the full ensemble photo above!

Any thoughts?


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