Camp on a Whimsy

This past week I was helping the UConn Cross Country Camp, and it was a blast. Great training, great team bonding, and I felt blessed to get build my knowledge of Distance coaching and get to know Coach JJ Clark more as a mentor and person.

Over the trip I was able to dabble in drawing again (I picked my best friend’s character Lauren). I like the collar of the dress and the skirt the best.

I was also able to see a huge boot statue outside a store. It was huge! And surrounding the boot was spongy rubber.

Coach also gave me the opportunity to talk nutrition with the XC ladies. I focused on portion sizing, as there is a big misunderstanding between what a portion size should be and what restaurants serve. I used this graphic as a reference for the athletes as they do not always have the opportunity to manually measure out food.

The talk went well and the ladies asked a lot of wonderful questions.  I look forward to more opportunities to learn from Coach Clark and to help the team! Let’s go Lady Huskies!


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