Masquerade Madness – I’m a Cold-Blooded Dragon, Shawl Required

So I don’t know about you all, but I’m always cold. It could be 75 degrees outside and sunny but if a breeze blows through I get goosebumps and start shivering like its 45. Inside, outside, sunny, cloudy, heated, air conditioned, doesn’t matter you will see me toting a coat or sweater everywhere “just in case.”

That said, my gown has a gorgeous open back and I just knew that I would be freezing at the ball. And since I wanted to enjoy my evening, not hole up in the warmest corner of the room, I grabbed some Pinterest inspiration and start crocheting.

My first attempt turned out pretty cute but segmented and I wasn’t a fan of that. It also was too fuzzy to see the lacy details in the shoulder.

After playing with the pattern a bit and getting some yarn at a local shop in Cape May I turned out with this!

I used the pineapple stitch as a base as it looked the most like a shoulder joint and I could easily separate out the spines for the wings.

 I threaded the two colors through the shawl as the spines were too segmented and I worried that it would unravel with stood tug otherwise.

The webbing of the wings was the honeycomb stitch as I didn’t want the webbing too solid being a pact shawl.

The edging was a last minute addition to the pattern and gave the shawl a rippled, finished look. 

The tail spine was the easy part to taper and it ends in a pinneapple stitch as a nod to traditional dragon depictions.

I’m debating on whether to diagram and write the pattern or sell the finished product. Any ideas? 

Next time I will share some photos of the masquerade!

Have a great weekend all!


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