Anti-Pasto on-the-go…

So my husband and I love to have anti-pasto for dinner on occasion. Especially when we want something light and quick. 

On the way back from a wedding at my home town we stopped For a quick bite in Sheetz and lo and behold this was in the On-the-Go shelves!

I had to try it out, and honestly…it was really good. The snack boasted mozzarella and prosciutto. Even though the mozzarella tasted more like chedder, the prosciutto was good and the snack itself was easy to eat. 

A warning for people on low-salt diets as prosciutto is cured pretty heavily with salt. An alternative would be to wrap A mozzarella stick with low sodium deli meats such as turkey or chicken for a quick high protein snack on the go. This option is gluten free as well!!

Whoever thought of wrapping prosciutto around a cheese stick was definitely on to something.

What is everyone’s take on anti-pasto?


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