My “Shy” Table

Dark wood and slender metal legs laid bare, my table trembles as the world judges her with uncaring eyes. ‘How can I be so brazen’ she thinks, and dreams of a day when she can lay cozy and safe in the confines of her very own table cloth.

Alright, so I’m personifying my table a bit, but it would be nice to have something dressy. I found a wonderful pattern–totally not in English, like all the best lace patterns (;_;)–and grabbed some thread from my big box of yarn.

I really loved the look of the piece as I crocheted. The rich, glossy red added character and vibrancy to the star-flower design.

2016-10-02 10.47.53.jpg

However, sadly the thread is too bulky and the star ended up much bigger than it should have been. *Sigh* My shy little table will have to wait a bit longer to get her dress.

On a happier note, I had some quality time with my cat, Misty, and now have a doily for my coffee table. She was so cute playing with the thread as I crocheted!! \(>o<)/

What kind of gauging mishaps have you all gotten into? Did it turn out alright in the end?



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