Trying Twice for “Tiny” Tablecloth

So I ordered some wonderful maroon thread for round two of the table cloth. It came this week and I started right away!!

After making 10 rows I checked the gauge (I’m using a size 7-1.5mm needle which was recommended on the label) and realized I’m going to end up 6 inches short. 😫

Gauge measuring is HARD!!! Here’s a comparison from my coffee table doily!! My finger spread is the same number of rows as the maroon circle.

After fiddling with some numbers I grabbed the next size needle I have (a 8-1.65mm) which should only be 6 inches short. Sadly, my next biggest needle is a 2.75mm and will end up 14 inches too long!

Whelp, I’ll just repeat the final rows until it’s the right size then move to part 2 of the pattern.

Wish me luck!!

P.S. Here’s a sneak preview of my next project in the making…



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