A little snack, and a cute surprise!

So this I took a day off this past week. It was wonderful. I slept in, did a few chores I was putting off and had a great time zoning, listening to Tris’s Book by Tamora Pierce on audible, and crafting the night away.

I had tea and an English muffin for breakfast slathered in Plum Wine Jelly that I snagged from the beer fest in Cape May this past summer. The taste was a soft sweet (is that a thing?) that reminded me of summer. It was really good.

I also worked on the surprise I hinted at in my last post. Tada!!!

It’s a gift for my Track and Field Team. Each husky keychain will have a leather bone stamped with a variation of “I Run with the Pack” on it (I.e. I run, I throw, I coach…).

The husky is fleece with double-sided iron on interface. The little backpack is folded felt with a sewn button from my stash and more interfacing. The eyes are 8mm black eyes I believe and the backs clipped with a wire cutter to not stick out and a long loop of string that runs the length of the husky so it can have stability as it hangs. Add some black embroider floss for accent and viola!!

They turned out really cute. It took a really long time to plan how I was gonna make them. I got advice from my wonderful mom to stick a whole sheet of interface on a piece of cloth and trace each piece THEN cut them out. It saved me literally HOURS of work cutting tiny pieces. Thanks mom!!

My friend also helped cut them and do a lot of the prep work so that I could handle putting them all together. It was 54 keychains so… yeah she saved me, and we had fun listening to Tamora Pierce on Audible. Here’s a picture of my little helper 🐯❤️️.

I’m not completely done yet but they’re coming along nicely. Have a great week, all!


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