Whimsical Week in Florida part 1

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week with family! Mine was fun, though not exactly as planned. My mom ended up sick for most of it, but I did have fun hanging out more with my sister and playing with my moms new kitten, Kitaro, though he was recovering from being snipped 😬.

He’s a rag doll breed which means he’s a total moosh and absolutely loves being held and coddled by people!! We totally spoiled him rotten with all the attention, ha ha ha.

We also spent some quality time playing Pokémon Sun/Moon together and bantering about which Pokémon we needed and where to find them. For some time out of doors we went poke-hunting in the squares in the Villages. They are LITTERED with uncommon and rare Pokémon, pokestops, and gyms. We even tracked down a Kabuto and Ditto!!

P.S. The ditto was disguised as a rattata and transformed into a ditto after we caught it.

Ha ha, yeah, so we’re geeky. At least it was fun as a family!!

I also was allowed into the Thanksgiving kitchen for the first time to cook this year (not only do grunt work and wash the dishes) since my grandma is getting older and mom was sick. I learned how to make the turkey and my grandma’s famous stuffing (Posts to come!!).

My husband and I also treated my mom, sister, sister’s exclusive date (BF?), and grandma to a movie. We went to see Fantasic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It was wonderful!! And totally worth going to see on the big screen.

That’s all for the moment! Since this post is getting a bit long I will cut it here and write another one about the rest of my week later.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? What did you all do?



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