Whimsical Week in Florida part 2

So what else happened over thanksgiving week?

Well, I had a lot of fun playing games with my sister. She showed me Overwatch, which looks like tons of fun. We also met some of her friends and played Oregon Trail, the card game. It was a blast! Green if we all kept dying of dysentery and drowning and only won one game out of 5 as a group). We also played Love Letter with Kitaro getting all the love, ha ha ha.

On the craft front I tried stamping my dog tags but it looked terrible. So my lovely mother asked her friend if I could borrow a bevel and I etched all 57 tags (heh heh fifty…seven…).

I think they turned out okay. I’m not a great engraver, but their consistent and a bit trendy (even if it’s light). Not too bad for hand made (so I keep hearing from my mom and husband so I have to believe it 😅).

My family also had an early Christmas because we won’t be down to Florida again till earliest the spring. My mom loved the shawl we got her and my grandma loved her cute owl mug. 

My sister got Pokémon Moon sent early so she could play it.

Jim and I got a couple funny mugs as well as a Hot Chocolate maker!! It heats up milk without scalding it and melts hard chocolate as well!!!

I also got a cute Ulu knife as a souvenir from my mom and grandma when they went to Alaska.

Apparently it’s a multi-use knife that has history as a heirloom for mothers to daughters. I can’t wait to use it!

Well! I think that finally covers my week in Florida. Oh, my cat also desperately missed me, ha ha ha.

Thank you all for following my blog. It’s a joy to write and hear responses!


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