Creamy Chocolate Dream

I love hot cocoa! Particularly cocoa made from hot milk. It’s so creamy and satisfying that some nights I will just sit listening to Audible with a cup letting my mind wander.

I will say though, warming the milk on the stovetop, although simple, can be quite annoying. I always loved my mom’s cocoa maker because at the press of a button, viola, you have perfect milk cocoa without standing over a stove. The dilemma? Mom got it in a raffle and we couldn’t find another one anywhere.

So, after years of searching my mom finally found a second cocoa maker and gave it to me for Christmas. Best surprise ever!!

When we got home I invited some friends over, asked them to bring an interesting ingredient to flavor cocoa, grabbed some basic supplies and Andes mints, and had a blast.

The cocoa was wonderful. My favorite was the Lyndor Truffle cocoa, a few other friends melted over the Andes mints. My husband and my friend I dove into chili powder, nutmeg, and cinnamon for a wonderful spanish-cocoa-esque combination.

What is everyone’s favorite cocoa flavor? Do you prefer milk or water-based cocoa?



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