Astronomical Baking of Cookies

Cookie Day! The annual tradition near and dear to my heart where we as children were pulled from school to bake our favorite holiday treat. Our recipes are my great grandmother’s and we sang along to Pepino the little mouse by Lou Monte.

As I am really far from my mom, sister, and grandma I took up the tradition with my husband’s mother and sister.

Since last year we were a bit low on cookies when I finished packaging gifts I decided to bake four batches each of butter, sugar, and almond horns, then three batches of thumbprints. I was a little more organized this year so my husband didn’t have to run to the store for ingredients.

It was fun, but we did throw the towel in at 2.5 batches of sugar. The rolling cutting, sprinkling and baking was starting to wear us down and we had a two other cookies to make! The rest were baked as planned.

My husband helped pinch hit for us and wonderfully enough we ended up snowed in until 7pm!! It was beautiful!

As the weekend wrapped up for us we played our new card game, Oregon Trail! It is based on the old computer game and is really difficult to win. Finally, after two tries, my sister-in-law dragged the cart home alone while half starved and holding the thing together with elmers glue and duck tape. I had died of dysentery from inheriting from my mother-in-law’s will when she died of dysentery, and my lonely husband tried to kiss a poisonous snake. 😂 

What holiday traditions to you all keep? Which one do you remember the most?

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