Tea Set Storage

I recently inherited a beautiful tea set from my grandmother-in-law. When it arrived at my home I realized I didn’t have a good storage place for it. I didn’t have room for a China hutch so storing the set in a safe container seemed like the next logical step.

There was just one teensy problem. No one makes hard side containers with padded, segmented interiors for china.

I wanted to purchase something official because I was worried my own creation might be too flimsy, but all I could find were soft, quilted, dust covers. Finally I gave in after I came across a blog detailing how to line a hat box for plate storage. It inspired me to make my own container. (I’m sorry I can’t find the blog again or I’d give more proper credit for the idea.)

Finding a suitable case was difficult. After a week of scouring stores I finally went with a roller case for under the bed. Then I purchased cloth and foam, and lined the case. 

I used hot glue to affix the cloth to the foam then the foam to the bottom and sides. I then measured out the interior and created foam dividers. I cut halfway through each divider as they intersected to make it sturdy and covered each piece in cloth with the help of my friend.

I really like the clear top. I think it shows off the China nicely. I do wish I had spent a little extra time measuring the intersections more accurately. The bubbling dividers are frustrating, but they get the job done.

Oh well.

So how do you all store your nice dinnerware/tea sets? Did you have to get creative?


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