gallery What’s a Drawing Challenge Between Friends?

Over this past month My best friend and I have been doing a drawing challenge together with our OC’s. Here’s the Pinterest link!

We have been drawing together since 6th grade when we taught each other and critiqued each other until today. Enjoy the Drawings! (Mine’s on the left and M’s is on the right).

Draw your Original Character…

Day 1: in their usual clothes.

Day 2: in a uniform

Day 3: when their angry.

Day 4: in swimwear.

Day 5: cosplaying.

Day 6: when their sleepy.

Day 7: in formal dress.

Day 8: with a new hair style

Day 9: dancing

Day 10: as a magical girl.

Day 11: in their undies.

Day 12: when their upset.

Day 13: in a Halloween costume.

Day 14: in their PJ’s

Day 15: 10 years younger.

Day 16: in a punk style.

Day 17: as a superhero.

Day 18 + 20: in a nightlife outfit and as steampunk. (I messed up the order of days so I combined the two for you all to view)

Day 19: in your clothes.

Day 21: as a zombie.

Day 22: as a maid/butler.

Day 23: as your favorite videogame character.

Day 24: when they’re happy.

I will put up the rest when I am able!

What day so far would be your favorite to draw?

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