Happy Birthday…Cheesecake

Nothing says “birthday” as much as having a…cheesecake?

Well, I not-so-secretly love to bake and cook, and it seems my friends have caught on to me (heh heh). So when we were planning a party for my friend, B, I was asked to make him a cheesecake. Not just any cheesecake, a chocolate one!

Having recently acquired a springform pan I leapt at the chance to make one. I used this recipe for the party, and it turned out quite wonderful. So wonderful you really couldn’t eat more than one piece at a time.


Anyway, overall I would probably make the chocolate syrup thicker next time (it ran all over the plate and onto the table so I had to swap plates). Other than that, this is a wonderfully easy recipe to make, and really quick too.

What’s your favorite birthday dessert (besides cake, ha ha ha)?

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