An Eeveelution ConnectiCon 2018!!

This past weekend was one of my husband and my favorite activities, ConnectiCon 2018!! A manga/anime convention a few miles from us, where we nerd-out and Cosplay.

This year we went a little simple, but very nerdy, ha ha ha. I’ve been toting a baby bump, so we planned to go as an Eeveelution group where I was a Ditto pretending to be Glaceon. It was a blast to make, and although not too many people got our joke, it made the time fun.

One of the coolest parts of ConnectiCon is Saturday’s main event, the Cosplay Death Match. One of my favorite web comic artists, Mookie, hosts a rocking out “bloody” Death Match where the audience cheers for the winner. I totally encourage you to check out his two webcomics:

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire (completed and online for a free read!)

And Starpower (Mookie writes the story and his friend and artist, Garth draws the panels)

Well, back to the Death Match, ha ha ha. There are roughly 16 or so cosplayers or cosplay groups that come on stage tournament style and the crowd cheers loudest for their favorite. There’s lots of laughs, Dad jokes (Mookie has a three year old), and classic rock playing in the background. What a rush to have the whole room belting out Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen!!!

Here’s the final combatants of this year’s Death Match, my husband’s childhood show (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) vs. mine (Jackie Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures).

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