Let’s go and Can Can!

Each year since I moved back to the East Coast I’ve been going blueberry picking in July with my family. Pregnant or not, this year’s hot weather was no exception to me treking to the farm (albeit earlier in the morning to try and beat the heat).

My Grandpa Charlie picked with me, and we walked away with 10 quarts after an hour of picking, 4 of which Grandpa Charlie wanted, leaving me with 6. Now, what to do with all these blueberries?

Last year I borrowed room in a friend’s deep freezer (I had taken home 11 quarts 😳!!) but it was difficult to keep track of what I had left since she was a mile or two down the road. This year I decided to try canning!

I decided on pie filling, as that was one of the ways I used the blueberries most often, and was surprised to find the recipe was really simple and only required a few hours work. I didn’t have any canning supplies, but used my large stock pot that could just fit 3 quart jars at a time, the exact amount for the recipe I found!! As another blogger put this up, please click the link to visit her page and show the love.

So one night I did a round of blueberries and another cherries because recently they’ve been in season and on sale in my grocery store. What a fun time, I can’t wait to see how this bakes later in the year into a fresh pie!! 🥧

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