2016-01-03 20.24.15My first introduction into arts and crafts (that I remember) was my late Grandfather. His patient teaching and encouragement let me grow to love the arts. He carved reliefs competitively, oil painted, gardened, drew in charcoal and graphite, whittled, and dabbled in photography. He was easy-going and always pointed out tiny, colorful flowers or animals as we took walks on his property. He taught me everything I knew about art. He was my hero.

My Grandfather encouraged me to learn new skills to complete a project, and through this blog, I would love my readers to be inspired as well; to reach beyond “I can’t do ‘that’” and towards “I will learn to do ‘that’.”

Let inspiration strike, pick a medium, look up the tutorials needed, and let the project project take a life of its own.  It’s never to late to learn a new hobby.

Whimsical Dragon FeaturePic
Fly Where the Project Takes You…